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You should consult a Tampa bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible if you are considering filing for bankruptcy. You may be unaware of bankruptcy laws that prohibit you from making specified payments or purchases to creditors earlier than filing for Chapter-7-Bankruptcy-600x435bankruptcy without competent legal advice. Also, some certain purchases of services and goods or payments to creditors prior to filing for bankruptcy can let a court to reject your right to discharge debt. You will remain personally liable for the debt if a debt is not discharged in bankruptcy and the creditor can continue with collection actions against you.

So, Florida law advisers are dedicated to helping their clients have a responsible and successful bankruptcy and get a fresh financial start. It is essential that you contact them to speak with a Tampa bankruptcy attorney in order to get the most out of your bankruptcy. They can provide a comprehensive plan for your bankruptcy by getting help early in the process and help you to avoid all those unwanted consequences.

Under the United States bankruptcy law, a person filing for bankruptcy may not act with the intent to delay, hinder or defraud a creditor. Additionally, bankruptcy law prohibits petitioners from removing, transferring or concealing property from the bankruptcy court. You may be denied a discharge or even have your bankruptcy petition denied in its sum if the court finds that this type of avoidance was intentional on your part based on your actions.Bankruptcy99

Examples of this contain:

  •  Transferring property to family or friends in an attempt to prevent a car, house or other asset from being liquidated by the bankruptcy trustee
  •  Paying debts owed to family and friends in preference of money owed to other creditors
  •  Withholding financial records from the bankruptcy court
  •  Purchasing luxury items within ninety days of filing for bankruptcy

Consult a Bankruptcy Attorney in the Tampa

Florida Law Advisers may be able to help if you are having a difficult time meeting your financial obligations. Tampa bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience helping to solve their financial problems and get a fresh start. They combine their skills and experience in the courtroom with a thorough knowledge of the law in order to help attain the results their clients deserve and need. And you do not just get legal advice, you get attorneys who are experienced and who are by your side all the time, when you hire Florida Law Advisers.bankruptcy_protection

Florida Law Advisers is a customer-service oriented firm with a high reputation for providing dedicated legal counsel and personalized attention. Whatever you need help with Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or some other debt relief, their professional legal team will be able to provide you with capable legal advice you can trust. For any further questions about bankruptcy law or to schedule a free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer email, call or fill out their website form today! So, do not hesitate, just call them and they will help you to solve all your legal problems.

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