How to legally buy a long gun in Tampa

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If you live in the United States of America, and especially in the Southern States, you are more than likely a gun owner. However, if you still don’t own a long gun and are interesting in doing so now, there are a couple of things that you need to do first before becoming a long gun owner.10732526_1

Here, we are going to explain how to become a long gun owner in the City of Tampa, Florida. These regulations only refer to the state of Florida, so if you are from another state, there would be no point in reading this article, unless you are just curious about the gun laws in Florida.

Unlike other US states, Florida has relatively relaxing gun laws, with only a background check being necessary for you to own a gun. However, it’s not that simple. There are various other things you need to do, to give some explanations, etc. Besides that, there are also problem related to the gun carrying laws, but that’s a different story. Here, we will only tell you how to legally buy a long gun in Tampa.

First of all, not everyone can own a gun. There are some criteria that you should meet before getting it; which means that some people cannot buy a long gun in Tampa, and in the entire State of Florida. The basic requirements you need to meet in order to become a gun owner include: being at least 18 years old, not being convicted, not having a history of mental illnesses, not having a criminal history, and not having a history of drug and alcohol abuse. It should also be mentioned that you are allowed to use a gun from the age of 16, but only with an adult

Next, you need to pay a visit to a federally-licensed dealer where you can buy a gun. Even though you are buying a gun in the State of Florida, gun dealers need to have federal level licenses, according to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Finding these dealers should not be that hard and especially if you have access to internet. However, make sure that his license is still valid.

long_gunThen, you need to fill out a background check form, which you must complete before officially and legally buying a long gun. You will have to fill out this form with every new gun you purchase; it is a necessary step in obtaining a new fire weapon. This form includes your basic information such as your name, contact information, date of birth, etc.

And finally, all you have to do is to wait for the arms dealer to complete the background check. If you pass this check, and it is proven that you haven’t lied in your form, you will be allowed to buy the gun you’ve wanted. Also, it should be noted that this step may cost you a small fee, but keep in mind that this fee is usually ridiculously small.

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Department of Justice to Review a Law in Tampa

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There is a law in Tampa that states that the police officers may pull over and write tickets to people riding bicycles. And that would not be anything new or interesting in any way, shape or form, if it was not for the fact that the enormous percentages of people who are being pulled over were black, according to the media in Tampa.

That is exactly why the Mayor of Tampa Bob Buckhorn, as well as the Chief of the Police of Tampa Jane Castor wave called the Department of Justice of the United States of America to investigate this and to figure out if this program should be abandoned.DOJ-building

The problem lies in the fact that, as we have mentioned earlier, most of the people who are being pulled over and ticketed were black. And when we say black, we don’t just mean 51 percent of them. The number of people who are being pulled over and ticketed is at an astonishing 79 percent! This clearly states that there is something wrong here.

The news in personal injury Tampa have reported that the Mayor and the Chief of Police of Tampa stated that only the Department of State of the United States is has enough expertise and objectivity to address this issue, and that this agency will clearly state what the problem is with this issue, and even that it could help them resolve it, and even get it to evolve. Buckhorn said that these strategies are clearly not working, and that the changes are

The Times have conducted an investigation that made it clear that the most bicycle tickets were being given to people in the predominantly black communities, and that there, this happens more than in any other city in the state of Florida! It was also reported that some of the residents of those communities have even received up to three tickets in a day.

This clearly states that there is something wrong with this law, or with the application of it. It is clear that the police officers use any minor violation to stop black people who are on their bicycles and then give them tickets. These stops are even used to search and question these people. 130311-OIP-T-028-659x423Also, it was stated that the Police Department encourages these actions and that it does not condone them in any way. That means that the police officers are encouraged to stop more and more people who are on wheels.

It is clear that the Tampa legal system has suffered a huge blow with this law, and that the Tampa Police Department’s image has become smeared with the fact that the law was applied in a completely wrong way. Now, it is up to the Department of Justice of the United States to figure out if this law is appropriate or not, if it could be changed or not, in order to help people and communities stop being oppressed by the Police Department who abuses this law to the fullest degree.

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Tampa News – Preparing For Bankruptcy

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You should consult a Tampa bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible if you are considering filing for bankruptcy. You may be unaware of bankruptcy laws that prohibit you from making specified payments or purchases to creditors earlier than filing for Chapter-7-Bankruptcy-600x435bankruptcy without competent legal advice. Also, some certain purchases of services and goods or payments to creditors prior to filing for bankruptcy can let a court to reject your right to discharge debt. You will remain personally liable for the debt if a debt is not discharged in bankruptcy and the creditor can continue with collection actions against you.

So, Florida law advisers are dedicated to helping their clients have a responsible and successful bankruptcy and get a fresh financial start. It is essential that you contact them to speak with a Tampa bankruptcy attorney in order to get the most out of your bankruptcy. They can provide a comprehensive plan for your bankruptcy by getting help early in the process and help you to avoid all those unwanted consequences.

Under the United States bankruptcy law, a person filing for bankruptcy may not act with the intent to delay, hinder or defraud a creditor. Additionally, bankruptcy law prohibits petitioners from removing, transferring or concealing property from the bankruptcy court. You may be denied a discharge or even have your bankruptcy petition denied in its sum if the court finds that this type of avoidance was intentional on your part based on your actions.Bankruptcy99

Examples of this contain:

  •  Transferring property to family or friends in an attempt to prevent a car, house or other asset from being liquidated by the bankruptcy trustee
  •  Paying debts owed to family and friends in preference of money owed to other creditors
  •  Withholding financial records from the bankruptcy court
  •  Purchasing luxury items within ninety days of filing for bankruptcy

Consult a Bankruptcy Attorney in the Tampa

Florida Law Advisers may be able to help if you are having a difficult time meeting your financial obligations. Tampa bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience helping to solve their financial problems and get a fresh start. They combine their skills and experience in the courtroom with a thorough knowledge of the law in order to help attain the results their clients deserve and need. And you do not just get legal advice, you get attorneys who are experienced and who are by your side all the time, when you hire Florida Law Advisers.bankruptcy_protection

Florida Law Advisers is a customer-service oriented firm with a high reputation for providing dedicated legal counsel and personalized attention. Whatever you need help with Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or some other debt relief, their professional legal team will be able to provide you with capable legal advice you can trust. For any further questions about bankruptcy law or to schedule a free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer email, call or fill out their website form today! So, do not hesitate, just call them and they will help you to solve all your legal problems.

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Wage Garnishment in Tampa

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Garnishment happens when a creditor takes lawsuit to seize bank account, a portion of your wages or other assets. The creditor will contact your employer in wage garnishment cases and have your employer deduct a particular amount of money from your check every week to be forwarded to the creditor. Also, wage garnishment is not permitted in all fifty states, but in the state of Florida it is a legal method of debt collection. Luckily, you do have many legal options to stop or prevent wage garnishments from occurring. If your wages are already being garnished or you are threatened with a wage garnishment you should contact Florida Law Advisers for help. Their team of attorneys will uncompromisingly defend your rights to end the wage garnishment.IRS-Wage-Garnishment

The creditor must receive a court order allowing them to collect the debt – before a creditor can obtain a garnishment. Until the amount owed is paid in full – the court order will allow the garnishment to continue, or until you take legal action to stop the garnishment. For a wage garnishment there are many types of debt that are eligible with the most common being: judgments from private lawsuits, medical bills and taxes, unpaid child support.

Stopping Garnishments by Filing for Bankruptcy

An automatic stay will be implemented as soon as a bankruptcy petition is filed with the court. The automatic stay stops a creditor from taking any form of collection action against you, which includes garnishing your wages. The automatic stay will stop a wage garnishment that began before your bankruptcy filing. Also, the bankruptcy may discharge the judgment lien that is responsible for the garnishment, and in that way releasing you from all personal liability on the debt. But, not all types of debt will be affected by the automatic stay or discharged in a bankruptcy. You should contact a bankruptcy attorney in the Tampa in order to see if bankruptcy can help stop your wage garnishment.

Gavel and money coins on wooden background

Protection for Head of Households

If you qualify as a head of the household under Florida law you may be legally entitled to stop the wage garnishment. And the head of the household is someone who pays at least fifty percent of the living expenses for a dependent. If your net income (after deductions)Garnishing_Wages is less than seven hundred dollars per week and you are the head of a household, your wages may not be legally garnished. Alternatively, if you are the head of a household and your net income after deductions exceeds seven hundred dollars, the income exceeding seven hundred dollars may be garnished if you have signed a waiver permitting the creditor to seize the funds.

Consult a Bankruptcy Attorney in the Tampa

Florida Law Advisers is knowledgeable law firm that takes an aggressive approach to ending wage garnishments. They also understand how disturbing wage garnishments can be to a family, and they energetically fight to defend their clients rights. You should call them to schedule a free consultation with a wage garnishment attorney today if your wages are already being garnished or you are threatened with a wage garnishment.

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Tampa Law news about Child Support Modification

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Whether the two parents are married, never married or divorced – financial child support is the responsibility of every parent. Before a final divorce decree is entered in divorce cases, a child support payment plan must be approved by a Florida family law court. While both parents will be required to support the children, the parent without main custody will be expected to make their payments straight to the parent with primary custody. The duration and amount of the payments will be based on Florida’s child support laws.child_support_title

Nobody can forecast the future, and conditions in life can change unexpectedly and suddenly. However, Florida family law courts understand this and let parents to adjust child support orders if there has been a considerable change in circumstances. Both parents have the right to request a modification of child support under Florida child support law. The modification can be to either decrease or increase the required amount of child support.

Child support obligations cannot be changed without court approval because they are regulated by the court. The party looking for the modification has to prove to the court that there has been a material, substantial and unanticipated change in circumstances in order to modify a child support arrangement. Additionally, the party requesting the change will have to show the modification is in the best interest of the child. Also, this can be difficult without skilled and experienced legal representation. You should contact a family law attorney for assistance if you want to request a dispute or modification a proposed modification.

There must be a considerable change in circumstances that could not be foreseen or predicted at the time that the original child support order was issued in order to obtain a modification of a child support order from a Florida family law court. Examples of possible unforeseen or unpredicted grounds for a modification include:Child-Support-BW-vertical

  •  Health care expenses of the child or parent
    •    Economic hardship of a parent
    •    Disability of a child or parent
    •    Increased cost of living
    •    Incarceration
    •    Higher paying job or sudden financial windfall
    •    Bankruptcy

Also, losing a job may be valid grounds to adjust a child support order. Unemployment can lower or temporarily stop a parent’s child support obligations. But, the loss of employment must be done in good faith. Taking a lower paying job for no reason or intentionally quitting a job rather than to ask for a child support modification won’t be seen as suitable grounds for modification. On the other hand, a court may order an increase in child support payments if a parent obtains new employment with a higher salary or other form of increased compensation.cs

Consult With a Child Support Lawyer in the Tampa

Apart from whether you need help contesting a modification or modifying an existing child support order, Florida Law Advisers can help you a lot here. The Tampa JohnBales lawyers have years of experience helping clients in all types of child custody modification matters. They know what it takes to get a child support modification and they continue to forcefully protect their clients in and outside the courtroom.

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