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Columbia Grieves After Fatal Motorcycle Accident

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Moto accident in South Carolina

Aiken County coroner has identified Bette A. Lucas, 57 as the victim in a fatal motorcycle crash in South Florida.  She was pronounced dead at Palmetto Richland Health in Columbia, S.C. at around 2:15 Saturday afternoon.  Her cause of death was multiple body trauma.

Lucas is just another victim in a string of incidents in the state this past year.  They are seeing a steady rise in motorcycle accidents.

Lucas was driving a 2004 Honda Motorcycle when she was struck by a Ford Explorer around eight in the morning.

Authorities have gathered that she was riding with a group and trying to make a left turn in to a house on Wagener Trail Road when the Explorer tried to pass other motorcycles causing him to hit Lucas.  Samuel Cheatham, 28 struck the motorcycle killing Lucas.

After the collision Cheatham was reported as trying to flee the scene.  He had no passengers with him and no reported injuries.

 motorcycle accidentsIt is unclear at this time exactly what charges Cheatham will face.

“Our hearts go out to the family of Bette Lucas.  Unfortunately, as a personal injury attorney I see this all too often.  As irresponsible driver, in too big of a hurry, cost an innocent motorcyclist her life,” said Matthew J. Jacobs of, personal injury attorney in South Florida.

Highway Patrol has reported an increase in motorcycle accidents leading to death over the past year.  This is a frightening trend on today’s roads.  Whether the mistake was made by the driver or the motorcyclist it is always more likely to lead to serious injury or death for the person on the motorcycle, simple due to the lack of protection.

The Motor Cycle Awareness Alliance is trying to spread their message, “Look Twice, Save a Life.” At least 97 motorists have died on state roads just this year.  Almost all motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle and over fifty percent of the time the other vehicle is at fault.  Motorcycles have a tendency to be hidden in driver’s blind spots or masked by other objects on the road.  It can also be hard to judge a motorcycles speed when driving.  Another misconception that drivers have is that motorcycles are easy to maneuver and can quickly get out of the way.  This is not always possible, as in the case mentioned above.

Of course motorcycles riders need to do their part as well.  Always wear the appropriate safety gear, especially a helmet.  Also don’t use the smaller size of your vehicle to break traffic laws.  All the same laws apply to all drivers on the road. You shouldn’t ever illegally pass another car; this could risk serious injury to yourself or others.

Most of the time drivers make every effort to respect motorcycles on the road, but occasionally like in the case above a driver acts irresponsibly, by trying to pass illegally therefore costing someone their life.

If you find yourself the victim of an accident on the road and have a long road of recovery ahead of you it is always a good idea to get an John Bales Attorneys right away to help you navigate the stressful legal process.


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